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True to the meaning of its name (foot of the mountain), Piedmont is a land surrounded by spectacular mountains that create incredibly beautiful landscapes and form the background for sweeping, picturesque valleys. Piedmont boasts 56 different national or regional parks and Lake Maggiore is a famous tourist attraction.

Tours in Piedmont, Italy

Yet, nature is only one of the many attractions in Piedmont. Its history and remarkable cultural heritage, intriguing Medieval castles, the famous Residences of the Royal House of Savoy.

Piedmont is devoted to food and is known for its sophisticated cuisine and some of the best wines in the world come from Piedmont. Read More


The Enchanting Liguria is in Northwest Italy, bordering with France. Its long arc of slim coastal land, closely backed by the Apennines is better known as the Italian Riviera, Riviera dei Fiori. It's land is peppered with nurseries and flowers from here are dispatched all over Europe and have been traditionally used for the perfume industry.

The provinces of the region are:

Tours in Liguria, Italy

Genoa (the region's capital), Imperia, Savona and La Spezia.

Think Ligurian food and the famous pesto genovese comes to mind. Liguria is also a region of vineyards and olive groves that produce multi-awarded olive oils and characterful wines, like Rossese from Dolceacqua, Vermentino and Pigato from Albenga. Read more


... a Great Escape to Italy's Green Heaven offers all of Tuscany attributes in a blend of art, history, food, wine and unspoiled landscape.

A region that never fails to amaze, Umbria is a land that gives as many visual as tasting pleasures. It extends along the Tiber’s central basin and offers an ever changing landscape – the splendid Monti Sibilini surrounded by silent high planes, dramatic valleys and

Tours in Umbria, Italy

waterfalls, scenic natural parks or hills draped in silvery olive groves, vineyards and cypress-topped peaks.
With its small Medieval towns embedded in the hills, the remains of Etruscan and Roman settlements, its trails of faith and spirituality or famous “wine trails” and its rich array of dishes, Umbria will impress on you. Read More

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