Meeting Arrangements

We pick you up and drop off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation) at 9am or as per initial arrangements on the day of your trip.

For visiting Piedmont and Liguria the ideal meeting place is Turin. Turin is very well linked to most major cities in Europe.

Guide to build your Itinerary

You will have the opportunity to explore and compare two neighbouring regions, so close geographically yet so diverse in traditions, wine and culinary styles.

From Piedmont you can choose activities and build your few days stay in Piedmont. Then move on to Liguria where again, you can select from activities and destinations we offer.

In both regions, the activities you can choose from cover a combination of culinary pleasures, exploring stunning countryside, sightseeing, tasting the wines, history & culture, local traditions and interaction with the locals. We list these activities on Piedmont and Liguria Bespoke tours pages.

Do you love your Wine?

From the most powerful long-lived famous reds to some rare, higly distinctive wines, you have the opportunity to observe how the sense of the place is reflected in the local wine, as well as the difference in the style of vineyards across both regions: the Langhe's Grand vineyard landscape and the high altitude, scattered vineyards of Liguria, occupying some of the most impossible and scenic locations.

Are you interested in walking?

We have a series of picturesque routes and itineraries that we have been carefully planned to show the regions at their best, both closed to and panoramically. The walks are easy to moderate and offer a great way to understand the place both in on Piedmont and Liguria. They afford grand vistas and breathtaking beauty.

Are you a foodie person? As we are...

Surely then, you are looking in the right direction. Both regions are there to please your senses and the offer is wide and delicious. These two regions will put on a show of local produce that can't fail to enthral you. Choose as you please from the list of Piedmont and Liguria. And if we missed anything, would be very happy to add your suggestions to it.

If you love Art & History & Architecture

the offer is wide and amazing. From the opulent Piedmont to the beauty of medieval villages of Liguria, frozen in time and surrounded by silence, medieval bridges, open air museums or splendid gardens!

Examples of Daily Itineraries

For the joint tour we recommend as a minimum a 5-day itinerary with 3 full days in Piedmont and 2 full days in Liguria.

We provide these 2 examples as a guide only and to allow a costing estimate. You can customise the the structure to suit your own preferences.

Example 1 - 5 Full Days

Piedmont’s Cultural Herritage Day

UNESCO heritage Royal residences - Regia Di Venaria, Rivoli Castle, Sacra di San Michele, Royal Hunting Lodge (Palazzina di Caccia ) Stupinigi, Basilica Superga. Lunch in a farm house in the vicinity of Sacra (agriturismo) alowing breathtaking views over the abbey. Drive through wine region of Asti to Langhe. Accommodation will be at a Bed & Breakfast within a family run farm on the outskirts of Dogliani or in Monforte d’Alba in a unique retreat.  Dinner in Dogliani.

Barolo day  

visit the landmark towns of Novello, La Morra, Barolo and Monforte. Scenic drives. Optional: Vineyard walking between La Morra and Barolo. Lunch Visit the outskirts of historic Fontanafredda, the largest wine estate in the region and ex-residence of Savoy family. Winery visit and Barolo tasting at one of the best producers in Serralunga. Torrone tasting at Grinzane and short visit to Gallo Sebaste most important nougat factory in Italy. Dinner

Barbaresco, Moscato and Alba, Passegiata

Visits to Barbaresco country and the towns of Neive, Treiso and Barbaresco. Gentle vineyard walks around Barbaresco famous vineyards of Secondine, Moccagata, Martinenga. Winery visit – tasting of some extraordinary wines. (either Produttori del Barbaresco or Marchesi di Gresy). Lunch at a trattoria in Treiso.
Afternoon short drive to Mango, a small village perched behind the hills of Barbaresco. Visit to the Mango Castle, seat of the Regional Wine shop of Moscato for a tasting of this sweet and aromatic wine. Scenic drives on the Moscato Hills, one of the most panoramic in the Langhe region. Dinner and beer tasting at a boutique brewery in Neive.

Roya Valley - from Piedmont to Liguria

Drive south towards the Maritime Alps. Brief stop in the sky resort of Limone. We’ll pass through the Colle di Tenda pass, one of the most important trade routes through the Western Alps. Follow the road along the spectacular Roya valley.

Custom Tours in Italy, Maritime Alps, Col de Tende

We stop for an Art and Nature excursion – on a balcony, panoramic path, right on the border of Italy and France to a shrine noted for its collection of paintings dating back from 15th century by Giovanni Canavesio. Continue on to Dolceacqua, in the far western Liguria (Ponente). Wine tasting in evening.

Dolceacqua, town, DOCG - Wine and Vineyards

Morning walks around our host town, Liguria’s symbol for superb wine and Impressionism, notable for its charming, half-ruined castle and beautiful, high-arched bridge. Afternoon visit to cru vineyards high in the surrounding hills, where we will meet a highly regarded winemaker and taste his wonderful wines. A view of a lifetime over the Ligurian Alps.

Departure day

After breakfast we return to Turin.

Example 2 - 6 Full Days

To the 5 days described in Example 1 above, add either:

Mercato, seaside ride and open air museum

To Ventimiglia market this morning - where the chefs in Montecarlo shop. Seaside ride in the afternoon. The first stage of Giro d’Italia 2015 was held on this former railway track line now turned into a picturesque bike track. We end the day in the village of Valloria, famous for its painted doors.


Airole and the most spectacular vineyards in the world

Visit one of the most spectacularly located vineyards in the world, listen to its fascinating history as told by its founder, and taste the wine grown on rocks. Descend into the splendid town at the foot of the hill for a stroll and lunch complemented by the local wines.

In the afternoon we visit two very different museums: one beautifully located, unique, at Balzi Rossi famous for triple burial of the Homo Sapiens and a second one, an original song museum build in a railway carriage from early 20th century.

Estimated Cost

A 5-day itinerary that starts and ends in Turin, (Example 1 above) with a total estimate of 900 km would have an indicative cost of € 1,450 (approx. AU$ 2,370) in total for 1 to 3 people.

A 6-day itinerary that starts and ends in Turin, (Example 2 above) with a total estimate of 1000 km would have an indicative cost of € 1,650 (approx. AU$ 2,697) in total for 1 to 3 people.

The cost may vary according to the agreed starting / end point and the itinerary. Exact total cost is notified when your itinerary is finalised and tour is confirmed.

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