Meeting Arrangements

We pick you up and drop off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation) at 9am or as per initial arrangements on the day of your trip.

For visiting Liguria the ideal meeting place is Nice. We can also meet you in Turin or Genoa.

Guide to build your Liguria Itinerary

Do you love your Wine?

Some activities you can choose from:

  • Visit some of the most interesting, award winning producers as well as learning about the ins and outs of the wines produced in Liguria. We offer visits to 3 local producers, in Dolceaqua, Airole and Albenga.
  • Enjoy the local wines – Rossese, Ormeasco, Pigato and Vermentino, as well as wines or blends of indigenous grape varieties.
  • Wonder around some of the most scenic vineyards in the world and taste the wine grown on rocks
  • Try spectacular wines is some of the best wine cellars in Liguria

Are you interested in walking?

On offer there is an extensive list of scenic walks:

  • Scenic guided panoramic walks through vineyards on sentieri around Dolceaqua and Airole, with the Alps providing a scenic backdrop
  • Walks on footpaths and mule tracks, on panoramic, ancient salt routes linking the Ligurian sea ports to Turin in Piedmont
  • Trips to the Ligurian Alps and
  • Excursions across the border into France and the Principality of Monaco.
  • Walks around and between inland villages – truly open air museums, some of the most beautiful in Italy, on medieval bridges over mountain streams

Are you a foodie person?

Here is what you can get

  • Get to try the most Mediterranean of the Italian cuisine, and
  • Local produce that grows exclusively in Liguria : the protected artichoke, carciofo di Perinaldo, or the trombetta Ligure - the local zucchina variety, or the famous Triora bread
  • Visit local olive mill, frantoio, and meet the olive oil producer and taste multi-award winning oils
  • Sample the local cucina bianca – food made of simple ingredients, characteristic for mountain villages, or
  • Delicious regional specialities such as wild boar ham stuffed with porcini mushrooms!!!
  • Visit a very impressive Mediterranean food market, a place where Michelin-starred chefs based in France and Monaco buy their produce
  • Dine and lunch at the best trattorias and osterias for enjoying genuine regional food (“the places that the locals eat at”), places that best represent the local cuisine - from home-style (Cucina Casalinga) to more elaborate style.


  • Produce market in Ventimiglia
  • Antique, vintage markets

Art & History & Architecture

  • Artistic, medieval villages, some of the most beautiful in Italy
  • Medieval bridge in Taggia

Taggia Roman bridge

  • Visit an inland town, open air museum, famous for its painted doors.
  • Paintings dating back from 15th century by Giovanni Canavesio.
  • Museums unique in their kind in Europe,
  • Sanctuaries and famous frescos of renowned painters,
  • The smallest theatre in the world.
  • Castles - Dolceacqua
  • Visits to larger towns and superb gardens in Bordighera
  • The painted doors in Valloria
  • or, get a taste of the Italian tradition of passeggiata, another form of Italian art – that of taking a walk in evening!


Examples of Liguria Daily Itineraries

We provide these detailed examples for the day-themes listed below as a guide only and to allow a costing estimate. You can customise the the structure to suit your own preferences.

Dolceaqua, the town and surrounding cru vineyards

Dolceaqua and the villages of Nervia Valley

Airole and the most spectacular vineyards in the world

Between forts and vines in the high valley of Aroscia

In the shepherds country: high valley of Argentina in the Brigasca country

Estimated Cost

A 1-day itinerary that starts and ends in Nice, with activities described by any of the days, regardless of time (6, 8, 10 or 12 hours) and a total estimate of 300 km would have an indicative cost of € 300 (approx. AU$ 500) in total, for 1 to 3 people.

A 4-day itinerary that starts and ends in Nice, with activities described by Day 1, 2, 3 and 4, with a total estimate of 600 km would have an indicative cost of € 1000 (approx. AU$ 1,650) in total for 1 to 3 people.

The cost may vary according to the agreed starting / end point and the itinerary. Exact total cost is notified when your itinerary is finalised and tour is confirmed.

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