Are you a first-time visitor to Piedmont, Liguria and/or Umbria and not sure where to go or what to see?

Or do you just want the easiest, most hassle-free way of planning your holiday? Our pre-planned full itinerary tours may be for you.

The name essentially says it all – touring the wine regions of Italy – with a focus on less travelled roads in Piedmont, Liguria and Umbria.

These tours have emerged out of our enthusiasm and love of Italy’s culture, countryside, wine and the Italian way of life. They are designed and guided by us and cover a superb range of itineraries based on our own experiences of exploring delightful, lesser-known destinations to many travellers to Italy.

We have personally constructed our itineraries, developing close relationships with our contacts in Italy, working with small family-owned operators (restaurants and B&Bs) and Stephen's background in the wine industry has allowed us access to some exceptional wine producers.

Tours Options

We have put together 3 tours, each of varying lengths.

  1. The Piccolo Tour 4-days, for those of you who are time poor or just want that quick/espresso hit of Italy
  2. The Via di Mezzo Tour 6-days, offering a fine balance of outdoor activity and the pleasures of the table, though you may leave wanting more!
  3. And, if you have a bit more time up your sleeve, you can do the comprehensive

  4. 11- 12 days Gran Tour a complete exploration of the region that will allow you to enjoy everything the place has to offer.

The Dates

The Piccolo (Short) and Via Di Mezzo (Mid-Way) are available anytime you wish to travel.

The Gran Tours have set dates however we are also very flexible, for example people can form their own groups and suggest a preferred date – we will work to fit this in, or any other requirements that may suit you. We can also include other features, such as cooking classes.

Tour Size

The minimum number is 2 people and max 7.


    Transport and guiding
    Food/Wine tastings
    Entry to wineries and other schedulled activities
    All meals
    Wine with Lunch and Dinner
    Museum visits
    Post-trip recommendations on other local attractions and phone support

The cost is all inclusive, however there is the flexibility for people to choose to have dinners in restaurants of their choices. For example, if you want to visit Piedmont and have dinners at specific restaurants, you will then pay directly for your dinners and this arrangement will be reflected in the total cost of your tour.

Payment Arrangements

All Tour costs are advertised in local currency, Euro. Payments in AUS$ will be calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of invoicing .

A deposit is not required. The full payment is required 20 days before the tour start date.  

Before Your Trip

You tell us when you intend to travel and the duration of your stay. We may be able to assist you with local information and recommendations you may need for your stay in Italy outside your tour with us.

Meeting Arrangements

We pick you up and drop off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation) at 9am or as per initial arrangements on the day of your trip.

For visiting Liguria the ideal meeting place is Nice. We can also meet you in Turin or Genoa.

For visiting Piedmont the ideal meeting place is Turin.

For visiting Umbria the ideal meeting place is Perugia.

All 3 cities are well linked to most major cities in Europe.

On the Trip

We pick you up and drop you off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation), provide twin share accommodation including breakfast, picnic lunches and dinners in local family restaurants, including local wines with lunch and dinners.

Each tour is made up of guided day trips, we have support vehicle and you will explore stunning countryside, taste spectacular wines & meet the winemakers, walk through renowned vineyards & medieval hilltop villages, visit castles, farms, attend local events & markets, festivals, museums, enjoy history & culture, mingle with the locals - and have fun.

The walks are Excursion-Grade on scenic paths.  A masterclass on the local wine varietals is also included.

The Wine

Wines included in our tours will be representative of the places we visit. In Piedmont we sample the local Dolcetto, Barbera and Moscato, as well as some of the grandest wines of Italy, Barolo and Barbaresco. Our connections mean that you will visit the vineyards and sample the wines of some of the very best producers.

In Liguria, we will be enjoying wines made from grape varieties that are virtually unknown outside Italy, and at times, outside Liguria – Rossese, Pigato and Vermentino, and other, even more obscure indigenous varieties. These distinctive and full of flavour wines are coming from small terraced vineyards scattered on the steep slopes of the western entroterra Ligure, in some of the most stunning scenic locations. Tiny production and the artisan nature of their making means that the availability of these wines outside Liguria can be very scarce.

In Umbria, the wines included in the tour will be representative of the 4 Umbrian wine trails - Montefalco Rosso, Grechetto, Colli Perugini and Orvieto DOC. Again, many of these producers are small growers, so our tour will allow you to sample wines that might not be commonly found outside the region.

The Food

Custom Tours in Piedmont, Italy, tagliatelle porcini mushrooms

Eating in Italy is a joy and one of the highlights of the tour is the exploration of the local cuisine, its diversity and seasonal ingredients. Dine and lunch at the best trattorias and osterias for enjoying genuine regional food ("the places that the locals eat at"), places that best represent the local cuisine - from home-style (Cucina Casalinga) to more elaborate, modern interpretations.

And if you want a more hands-on involvement, we can also include activities such as cooking classes.

A delicious, home cooked breakfast is included each morning. Lunches will be either picnic style or meals in local family run trattorias. Dinners will be in places popular with locals, characteristic menus and a wide range of local specialities. If you have special dietary requirements please provide details before the start of the tour.

Custom Tours in Piedmont, Italy, Monviso


from breathtaking Alps and the UNESCO heritage vineyard landscape area of Piedmont, to magnificent coastal Riviera and the Ligurian Alps or the fascinating Apennines and the high planes in Umbria, there is a wealth of natural wonders to explore.




History and Culture

Italy is an open air museum and it’s hard to avoid being impressed. The mix includes exploring charming medieval hilltop villages,  their castles, basilicas and famous frescos, Roman aqueducts, spas and waterfalls,  Etruscan cellars, vestiges of ruling dynasties – all part of the Italian décor and layers of history will be unveiled every day.

Special Events and Markets

Most towns in Italy have their weekly mercato, where local vendors, farmers and artisans display their wares, a great place to explore or for shopping, though dangerously addictive. And, on any given weekend, there will be a sagra somewhere, a festival celebrating wine, food or religion, or all three at the same time! We always try to include in our itineraries at least one of these community events.

The People

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with the locals and learn or practice Italian Language while having an amazing holiday.  


We have handpicked the places we stay during our tours and the accommodation in itself will be a memorable experience. You will be staying in delightful bed & breakfast run by families that perfect the art to make you feel more like an acquaintance's home. delightful b&b combining the peace of country life with the independence of having your own apartment.


Pack previously worn, comfortable clothes and footwear (not a good idea to bring new shoes or boots on a walking holiday!). Binoculars and a camera are highly recommended.

The Itinerary is Flexible

The itinerary is designed as a guide for the activities on the trip. Some flexibility will be retained to accommodate events and festivals as they occur and weather. For example, the trip into the Alps, will be done when the weather will be at its best.

The Walks

are graded as Easy to Moderate. Most of the walks are through vineyards and along foothpaths, gravel or asphalted roads. There may be some steep ascents and descents.

Custom Tours in Piedmont, Barbaresco

There will be an on-call vehicle which means that you can walk as much or as little as you like and we can be on hand to meet you.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking with us that you have appropriate travel insurance that covers cancellation, accidents, injury, illness and medical expenses.

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