These customised, private tours are suited for couples or small groups who plan to travel to Europe and would like a stopover in Italy for a journey of discovery: from the glorious, diverse countryside of Piedmont to the arresting splendour of Ligurian coast.

On a private tour with us, you can enjoy as much privacy as you wish and spend some time of your own without our permanent presence. We use our local knowledge to help you to make the most of your time.

The Cost Structure

The cost we quote you for a bespoke day tour is for the whole group or party, for 1 to 3 people. For larger groups, a supplementary cost may apply.
For example,
if you and your partner want to spend few days in Piedmont, we will cost your tour based on the length of your stay, the km, e.g. total driving distance and driver/guide time. You will pay directly to the service provider for your accommodation, meals and activities, where there is a charge involved. You will pay us a fee for the driving and guiding services and organising the holiday for you.

The cost we quote you generally includes the following:

  • Organise your holiday including all bookings
  • Pick up and drop off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation)
  • Transport and guiding
    • You will be driven in a regular 5 seats car registered in Italy.
    • The transport cost is based on a daily km estimate and, based on our local knowledge, compares very favorably to hiring a car.
    • We organise the daily itinerary to minimise the driving time: you will see the most and driving the least.

Not included in the cost:

  • Your accommodation. We negotiate and book the accommodation for you and your party and you will pay for it directly to the provider according to their requirements.
  • Entry fees to activities : while we endeavour to negotiate free or a minimum fee we do not guarantee them.
  • Meals. We can book Lunches and Dinners at our recommended restaurants or restaurants of your choice.

Please refer to the examples of tours listed under Piedmont, Liguria and Two-in-One pages to inform yourself on what cost you can expect.

Payment Arrangements

In the interests of all involved the following payment schedule is used:

  • ½ payment at the time of pick up
  • ½ payment at the completion of the tour.

    Before Your Trip

    We consult with you to construct a customised itinerary. You tell us when you intend to travel and the duration of your stay, we work with you to identify your interests and preferences and we offer you options for your holiday. This includes

    • activities,

    From the range of activities we list on this website or that you may have in mind you pick the ones you want, add other places/activities you are interested in seeing / doing and we work out a custom itinerary.

    • recommendations to suit your budget and preference on
      • accommodation
      • lunch and dining

    Once you have agreed on the itinerary we work out a cost / daily fees depending on your requirements.


    You will communicate on the custom itinerary with the person who will accompany you on your private tour, thus allowing you to indirectly meet and get to know each other.

    Meeting Arrangements

    We pick you up and drop off at your preferred meeting point (airport or your local accommodation) at 9am on the day as per initial arrangements.

    A Day on Your Trip

    depends on the time of the year you travel, on the activities selected and your habits. We will endeavour to show you places, towns, vineyards, attractions to make most of your time while flexible and working around your daily routines.

    Day lenghth varies with season and we will structure the daily itinerary so we maximise the day light. This may mean that tastings and visit to wineries will be schedulled later in the day when already dark or almost.

    We will drop you at your residence before dinner and to restaurants where you will be enjoying your private dinners. After dinner you can spend time at your accommodation or we can take you out to visit local towns for a passegiata and a late gelato.

    Throughout your day you can enjoy as much privacy as you wish and spend some time of your own without our permanent presence.

    Tour Size

    There is no minimum number of people for the private tours.

    Minimum Stay

    The minimum stay is one day.

    Your Meals

    Breakfast is usually included in your accommodation cost. Lunches will be in local family run trattoria or farm-houses (agriturismo / cascina). For dinners we have our selection of osteria/trattoria/restaurants that we feel best represent the local cuisine, places popular with locals, from home-style (Cucina Casalinga) to more elaborate style. 
    Please advise of any possible food intolerances.

    Travel Insurance

    It is a condition of taking a trip with us that you have appropriate travel insurance that covers accidents, injury, illness and medical expenses.

    Guide To Build Your Itinerary

    The activities you can choose from cover a combination of culinary pleasures, exploring stunning countryside, sightseeing, tasting the wines, history & culture, local traditions and interaction with the locals.

    You may have an interest in Italian wine, nature, food or culture. You may also want to find a road to get a closer view or knowing where to buy good wine or which restaurants will provide both good food and good wine.

    The Questionnaire

    below will assist with understanding your needs in putting together your tour.

    How many people intend to travel and for how many days?

    Where do you need to be picked up from?

    Do you have an itinerary in mind?
    Specific wineries, attractions, events, restaurants or places of interest you want to see?

    What assistance do you need?

    Organising visits to wineries or other places of interest

    Arranging accommodation

    Driving services

    Guiding services

    Recommendations for restaurants/ eateries

    What would you like included in your Travel Plan?

    Winery Visits

    Regional Food and/or DOP produce: cheese farm visit, truffle hunting, produce markets, cooking, local delights

    Walks – Wine trails, Day trips into the Alps

    Vintage Markets

    Art, History, Architecture




    Thank you for reading

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